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Complete your brand with HERNINE 

gel nail stickers born from the hands of artisans.

Our basic philosophy is 'craftsmanship'. Like the hands of an Italian shoemaker, our sweat and soul are piled up to create our value that does not change over time. We are living in an era in which we need to make more & faster products, but Hernine will continue to make products which give unchanging values.   

The products which we make begin with sketches on nails drawn by designers, and are reborn as perfect artwork at the hands of printmakers.


We manufacture our products using non-toxic raw materials in Korea. Our eco-friendly nail stickers are KCL certified, and harmless for human body.


Our silk screen printing and real gel coating technologies give our products amazing color depth and brilliance. We use materials that are closest to human skin. 


We have various types of nail design made by designers who majored in graphic design and fashion design.

The space where the works of art start

Every single process begins in the hands of artisans.

"HERNINE, our product portfolio"  

Everyday, our nail designers are creating gel nail stickers on the smallest sketchbook of the world

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For wholesalers/retailers in various fields or those who like to suggest new items, buyers who can offer new proposals, companies to sell HERNINE's products, etc., HERNINE is actively pursuing partnerships to make successful results. 

We will do our best to be a successful companion in your business. 

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e-mail : hernine@hernine.com

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